Feb 292012

Between work, family, and all of your other daily obligations, no wonder it has been a taxing week. There is nothing you have earned more than a chance to indulge yourself in a luxurious full body massage—and with the affordable prices at the Body Works Day Spa, you can pamper yourself guilt-free. While there is [...]

Feb 012012

For centuries, massage therapy has been used to relieve stress among other things. There is nothing as good as getting a soothing massage like the ones offered by Indianapolis massages. There are many variations of massage therapy in different parts of the world. These variations are designed to sooth or relieve stress from specific body [...]

Aug 042011

Many people with curly or frizzy hair long to have sleek and glossy hair instead. Until recently this was only achievable with harsh chemicals that changed the entire hair structure. Indianapolis Keratin Straightening now offers a revolutionary new procedure that leaves the hair slick and glossy, without harsh chemicals or damage to the hair. The [...]

Aug 012011

Massage therapy has been around for eons, and for good reason. There is nothing better than receiving a soothing and stress busting massage, like the ones offered by Indianapolis massages. There are many varieties of massage therapy. These different massage therapies are all designed to obtain a specific outcome within the tissue and body parts [...]